Empowering People through Behavioral Science

2015 Conference

Location : Gleacher Center, 450 N Cityfront Plaza Dr, Chicago, IL 60611
Date : June 7-9, 2015
Event Description : At this event, the major accomplishments of the New Paths to Purpose project will be shared with various external audiences. Sharing broadly common methologies, the different streams of research supported by the project will show how the myriad tools of behavioral science can empower people to more wisely shape their environments, and thus become more purposeful, powerful creators of their destinies. 

By invitation only.



Sunday, June 7

Overview: The Principal Investigators on each of the four foundational agendas will share an overview of their key research findings. Following these talks, a moderator will lead a 60 minute integrated discussion of the presented research and get the audience’s feedback on new directions for these agendas.

12:00-12:45PM. Welcome Lunch: Casual lunch with opportunity for NPP network members to catch up and mingle with other guests. Heavy hors d’oeuvres will be served.           

12:45PM. Opening Remarks

1:00-2:00PM. Session 1: Purpose and Prosocial Behavior

Eugene Caruso – The Purpose of Giving: How Reducing Partiality Can Promote Efficient Resource Allocation

George Wu – Volunteerism: How Individual Intentions Can Be Successfully Engaged by Social Purpose

2:00-2:15PM. Break

2:15-3:15PM. Session 2: Purpose in Goal Pursuit and Well-Being

Ayelet Fishbach – Pursuing Goals with Others

Chris Hsee – Purpose through Activity

3:15-3:30PM. Break

3:30-4:30PM. Discussion, Integration, and New Paths for Foundational Agendas

4:30-5:30PM. Reception

Monday, June 8

Overview: In four sessions, the audience will hear presentations of the project’s ten research agendas launched via the project’s two Requests for Proposals. At the end of each session, a moderator will lead a 20-30 minute integrated discussion of the presented research.

8:00-8:45AM. Breakfast

8:45-10:30AM. Session 1: Practical Tools for Purpose (Moderator: George Wu)

David Yeager - Cheating Yourself out of Knowledge

Christopher Bryan - Bringing Purpose to Healthy Eating for Adolescents: A Classroom-Based Intervention Experiment

Dilip Soman - Keeping People Motivated: Using Technology to Navigate People through Planned Tasks

10:30-10:50AM. Break

10:50AM-12:00PM. Session 2: Purpose in Goal Pursuit (Moderator: Ayelet Fishbach)

Yaacov Trope (presented by David Kalkstein) - Learning from Near and Distant People

Benjamin Converse - Resolving the "Urgent-Important" Conflict to Promote Purposeful Goal Pursuit

12:00PM-1:15PM. Lunch

1:15-3:00PM. Session 3: Purpose and Well-Being (Moderator: Chris Hsee)

Hal Hershfield - Nudging Health, Wealth, and Happiness: Using Realistic Simulations of the Future to Modify Behavior

Jenessa Shapiro - Using Authenticity to Increase Purpose and Belonging among Under-Represented Minority Students

Anuj Shah (presented by Heather Schofield) - The Economic and Cognitive Effects of Physical Pain among Low-Income Workers in India

3:00-3:20PM. Break

3:20-4:30PM. Session 4: Purpose and Prosocial Behavior (Moderator: Eugene Caruso)

David Rand - Designing Institutions to Foster Purposeful Prosociality

Elizabeth Dunn (presented by Ashley Whillans) - Turning Wealth into Well-Being

4:30-6:00PM. Reception

Tuesday, June 9

For NPP network members who wish to get together before departing, please enjoy a complimentary breakfast at the InterContinental at 505 N Michigan Ave.



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